Creating an Inspiring Work Area: A Guest Post + Giveaway

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To celebrate the release of Jane Unwrapped by Leah and Kate Rooper, I have them on the blog today! I hope you like this little set up we made. Also, they have offered a free digital copy of Jane Unwrapped! There will be a rafflecopter at the end of this post where you can enter.

– Salwa

Author PromoHi everyone! We’re Leah and Kate Rooper, authors of JANE UNWRAPPED, a YA mythological fantasy coming out with Entangled Teen Crave on October 12th. We’re so happy to be joining you on Voguish Perusal today and sharing with you some tips for one of our favorite activities…creating an inspiring work area!

For us, creating an inspiring work environment is an important step in the development of our book, almost like an expectant mother nesting and creating a nursery! Your work environment sets the stage for your writing process and can make or break how productive each session is. Your work environment can inspire you to not only be more effective, but also can help get you in the zone so you’re creating higher-quality work. Here are our top five tips for creating your dream workspace!

  1. Decorate: Your work area can be a real-life Pinterest board. When writing JANE UNWRAPPED, we knew we’d be doing lots of research on Egypt and wanted to create life-like Egyptian settings. We decorated our desk with as much Egyptian-themed objects as we could fit, such as Canopic jars, a stuffed animal of Anubis, ornaments replicating important events in Egyptian mythology, and framed pictures of Leah’s artwork of JANE UNWRAPPED. What is your novel about and what would inspire you when you need a break from looking at a gaping white screen? Decorate your desk so you feel like you’re “in” your novel to stave away that dreaded writer’s block!
  2. Candles: The one thing we can’t live without when we write is candles. Lighting a few scented candles not only adds ambiance to your workspace, but also can help you concentrate. The smell of peppermint is proven to increase focus and could help you zero in on that important scene you’re struggling with. Furthermore, candles can also help get you in the moment. Writing an outdoor fall scene? Get an apple spice scented candle! Romantic tropical beach chapter? There’s a candle for that! Just close your eyes and inhale and you can put yourself right in the scene with the characters…just remember to blow them out when you’re done your epic chapter!
  3. Music: Some writers need music to write, and others despise it. If you’re not sure exactly where you stand on the whole music thing, try a few sessions with a couple different options. Having music in your work area can really set the mood for an effective writing session by getting your mind out of reality and into your imagined world. If you’re easily distracted by lyrics, then movie soundtracks are a great option to create a sweeping stage for your imagination. Alternatively, check out video game soundtracks—they’re designed not to distract you, while still adding to the atmosphere!
  4. Limit distractions: There are a lot of things in your work area that could end up hindering your inspiration instead of triggering it. Make your work area a cell phone/wifi-free zone (unless doing research) so that you’re not tempted to text or Facebook instead of work. Is there too much clutter on your desk? Take ten minutes to clean it up and get it out of your way so you’re not constantly tempted by that growing pile of papers. Your work area should be about your progress and your inspiration, so make sure you keep it about that and ban all non-writing things like bills and work files!
  5. Have the essentials: Nothing disrupts a productive work session like constantly having to get up and down to grab things. Make your work area the home of everything you need: laptop, charger, story outline, pens, scrap paper, et cetera. Before you sit down to work make sure you’ve got everything you’ll need for the session, whether you need a hot cup of tea to write or your headphones to zone in, and then start writing so you can go uninterrupted.

Thanks for checking out our five tips for an inspiring work area! We’d love to hear what kind of environment you like to write in! Do you like a public coffee shop, your favorite armchair, or a desk like us?

Check out our debut novel, JANE UNWRAPPED, about a teen scientist who dies and wakes up in the Egyptian underworld, coming out with Entangled Teen Crave on October 12th! You can keep updated at

I definitely think that scented candles are lovely little things you cannot help but take home. I believe limiting our distractions is needed to find focus because there are a lot of distractions in the world (aka internet) nowadays. What do you think? In what environment are you most productive? Let us know in the comments!

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