Insurgent Movie: Review & Discussion

I had no classes today so I decided to finally watch Insurgent because I’ve been really busy with school stuff these past months and I’ve heard both good and bad things (mostly bad things, actually) about the movie so I’ve been putting it off since. But after watching it and liking it, I deemed it necessary to write a blog post about what I thought of it. You know, just so we can have something different in this page. Also because Insurgent is my favorite book out of the trilogy (series, if you want to include Four, but technically it is a trilogy). Anyway, so yeah, it’s important for me to talk about Insurgent. So.

But first, before I forget, let me warn you that this is a discussion so it will contain spoilers so if you haven’t read the entire series, I suggest you close the tab, my friend. If you’re stubborn and that warning just spiked your curiosity even more and you decide to continue on with this post and then hate me afterwards, then you have a very big problem. Alright? Okay!

I haven’t really talked about the Divergent series because I’ve read it long before I started this blog so now it’s also a good time to start. On the same note, I have to mention The Hunger Games trilogy. I love love love THG and after reading Mockingjay, I wanted something similar to it, you know, so I can somewhat feel happy. Anyway, so in 2013, when my sister and I went to the Manila International Book Fair (MIBF), which is an annual book fair in Manila (Philippines), I found Divergent. I read the summary, it interested me, then I brought it home. Then I read it, really enjoyed it, and bought Insurgent immediately after. Now, although Divergent is action-packed and all that, I found Insurgent so much more precious because Tris’s character developed a lot more and so did her relationship with Four. I am a HUGE FourTris shipper and they are one of my OTP’s, ever, so their development in Insurgent is something that has made my little heart happy.

Okay, this is a movie review and not a book review so let’s talk about the movie now. I don’t know why some people didn’t like it because I loved it and I think they really gave justice to it but hey, personal preferences. Yeah, I get that. But I honestly really liked the movie, especially since FourTris was already in the first scene (technically, it was the second scene but the first one was a dream so it doesn’t count, lol). Good job, producers and directors! Thanks for making me a happy fangirl.

At first, I admit I was kind of confused because they didn’t show how Tris and the others got to Amity so Johanna wasn’t introduced (at least, not properly), which felt like she was nobody important. I also admit that at first, I didn’t think of her as anybody. I may be wrong but isn’t Johanna supposed to have a patch or something? Oh, she’s supposed to cover have a part of her hair covering one side of her face. So yes, I was like…

and then Eric and the others arrived at Amity and things started to go crazy.

Or more like, it wasn’t supposed to happen like that. But that chase scene with the train is amazing so I was happy again. Then came the factionless. Without Edward. Wasn’t Edward supposed to be in that train? Oh, yes. Edward wasn’t given an importance in the first movie. Just like Lynn, Hector, Uriah, Marlene, and all of the others weren’t properly introduced. And Zeke. Where was Zeke? Sigh. Oh, but at least Natalie Prior was still portrayed as a really important character. Natalie Prior.

I don’t know why I’m mentioning all of the flaws I found in the movie when I really did like it. Maybe because my reason for liking it is that they showed most of my favorite scenes – FourTris scenes – so yes, no complaints there, hun. Also, I was really happy with Theo James in character. Like, *fans self* yaaaas. He even delivered a couple of my favorite lines from the book! On that same note, can I just commend Shailene Woodley for a job well done in this movie. Yes, folks. She seemed to have portrayed Tris better in Insurgent than in Divergent. (Admit it!) And although I shouldn’t be surprised, I just have to say, Caleb, WHY???!!!??! You were so annoying and I hope you know that. What a brother. And Evelyn Eaton is gorg! I mean, I saw her in the trailer but she’s really beautiful.

Another aspect of the movie I really liked is the advanced tech-y stuff they showed. Man, those stuff are really something. Others may have found it, I don’t know, different from the book but duh. They’re supposed to use the good stuff now or else it would get boring (in my opinion, anyway). So yes, I think it was necessary for them to do that because movies nowadays are supposed to be technologically advanced, after all.

So.. Oh no. Now my Allegiant feels that I’ve buried have come to rise once again. I’m gonna end this before another rant comes up.

Those are some of my thoughts about the movie. Have you watched it? How was it? Talk to me!!!! 😀



2 thoughts on “Insurgent Movie: Review & Discussion

  1. Aw, so glad you ended up liking this, Salwa! 🙂 I’m personally not a big Divergent fan (books & movie), so it might take a lot to please me in the Insurgent movie. xD I may not like Theo James (hides), but I can definitely see Shailene developing in this, since she did seem to put a great amount of effort in the first movie. 🙂

    Aimee @ Deadly Darlings


    1. I was actually really hesistant to watch it but I’m glad I liked it too. 🙂 Have you watched other movies of Theo/Shai? I didn’t like tfios that much. :/ I haven’t watched Theo’s other movies though.


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