Ignite (Ignite #1) by Lily Paradis


Title: Ignite
Author: Lily Paradis
Genre:  Romance, Contemporary, New Adult, Drama
 Publisher: Empire Books
Publication Date: August 26th 2014
Format: Ebook
Source: Author

Thank you, Ms. Lily, for sending me a free copy of Ignite!

I have mixed feelings about this book. I’ve been seeing it in other blogs and thought the cover is very pretty (Yes, I am guilty of obsessing over books with pretty covers.) and when I finally got a copy, I was very excited. I decided that it was going to be my last read for 2014 so I read it, finally (but that plan failed). I’m not sure if at the back of my mind, I was assuming that this was a fantasy book or a sci-fi. Seriously, I realized that this was a contemporary novel when I covered, like, 30% of the book. I guess it’s my fault for not checking it out on goodreads beforehand.

The Plot: The plot is nothing we haven’t seen before. A female protagonist whose father is dead and has a bad relationship with her mother is still finding herself, wanting to belong. Her heart is guarded because of a few tragedies and she has trust issues. She’s had time to heal after her father’s death and now insert the death of her stepmother and three kids to watch over and her life is in turmoil once again. There’s also this swoony guy who seems perfect and who she can’t help but get drawn into. Add a few secrets and mysteries into the scene and her peaceful life is in more havoc.

The Characters: I felt detached with the characters and that’s sad because I usually automatically fangirl over the characters I read. Our female protagonist Lauren, I found to be a confusing character. She is mentally unstable and although understandable, I did not like it. I prefer heroines who have a strong character and although I do not think Lauren is weak, she did not fulfill my expectations. Dean Powell is too perfect to be true. He’s like this fairy godmother who magically appears when you need him. He’s always there and although now I know why, it was confusing and overwhelming when I didn’t. Kenzie, a.k.a. the best friend, is pretty cool. She is a great friend and I like that she watches over Lauren all the time. Oh! I should probably mention the kids. I like them because they aren’t annoying and didn’t cause too much trouble.

The Romance: It was insta-love. Sort of. Although it was sudden, I find their romance cute. I’m really glad that it all turned out fine because I’m very much fond of happy endings. That ending has contributed a lot to my rating because there were a lot of things I wanted unfulfilled. But I found out that there’ll be a book two and will be set in Dean’s point of view. I’ll probably read it because I want more and I also have questions that remain unanswered.

The Writing: The book is written in first person point of view. The problem I have with first person POVs is that I sometimes get confused by some stuff and the information I get is very limited that I sometimes get frustrated and I want to just get to the ending of the book. When I can’t take it anymore, I jump to the last part and look for some answers or assurance, if you may. That’s exactly what happened with Ignite. I’m sorry, I did not mean to cheat but the pacing was getting too slow for me and I just. Had. To. Know the ending. Sneak a peak.

Final thoughts: I should say that this was not one of those books you cannot put down. You may even get the urge to pull out your hair at some point. You may get confused with that ending; it might be too soon for you but that was a factor I’m not complaining about. I guess the story was just too fictional for a contemporary novel that’s why I didn’t like it that much. Overall rating:

3point58422979About the author: 

Lily lives with her family and loves reading, running, and hiking. Although she’s a Colorado native, New York City is her favorite place in the world and fosters her borderline unhealthy obsession with the Empire State Building and F. Scott Fitzgerald. Ignite is her debut novel.

She loves hearing from her readers and can be reached at paradis.lily@gmail.com.


3 thoughts on “Ignite (Ignite #1) by Lily Paradis

  1. Aw it’s a shame that the romance and characters didn’t do much for you, girl. I absolutely hate instant love so I don’t believe I’ll be picking this one up.

    Lovely review, Salwa <33


    1. Thanks, Mel!

      There are times when an insta love works for me though. My criticisms were probably because I rushed into the book. Maybe even because I wasn’t in the mood for contemporary at the time. Lily Paradis is a lovely author though! She has a new novel entitled Volition and I might check that one out :*


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