Mandatory Introductory Post

Hello there! Welcome to the voguish blog! Although it may seem like my blog isn’t really that fashionable, well, at least I tried.

So, first things first. My name’s Salwa; I’m a twenty-year old college fangirl from the Philippines and I am too lazy for my own good very used to procrastinating. I like to waste my time on twitter and instagram. Just recently, I’ve harbored an affection towards books. My love for reading though had started five years ago. I mostly read romance, chick lit, and fantasy. Now some of my favorite genres are YA, NA, fantasy, and sci-fi. My love for books has escalated since I created a bookstagram, an instagram account dedicated for books only. Because of that, I found my way to book blog reviews and voila! It interested me enough to get me to start my own.

I’m looking forward to posting/sharing my reviews and I hope I can keep this place running. Thanks for your time! 😉

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10 thoughts on “Mandatory Introductory Post

  1. Hey Ate Salwa! 🙂 So there’s this thing going on called the One Lovely Blog Award and decided to nominate you, ’cause I love your blog. 😀 Hopefully you’ll get through the rest of the sem (I hear you haven’t read much) and keep blogging!

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    1. Awwww that’s so sweet! I honestly don’t consider my blog that special because, let’s be honest, I often neglect it (cos school) but it’s understandable (I hope). Thanks for the love and I am hoping I can get through this semester without complications. 😀
      I envy that you can blog everyday, though. Even if they’re short entries sometimes. That’s very admirable. ❤

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      1. OMG. Most of them are cheats (bless the ‘schedule post’ feature) but I did try, and I hope I can improve in the future. And any blog is special because everything that’s on the blog required effort so have a marshmallow to reward yourself. I wish you all the best! 😀


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